liska henglein

hey there, you found some of my work.

corporate identity
The Bellevue di Monaco is a newly founded center, combining living and cultural activities for refugees, that arrived in Munich as unaccompanied minors.
Interested citizens find a space to meet refugees in the heart of the city.
To create a new corporate design, the most important characteristics of the institution (centrality, diversity and communication) are represented visually.

A unique and positive typeface was created. While being aspirational, its clarity mirrors the seriousness of the subject.

The „Bellevetica“ typeface was used to develop a logo and word mark.

To improve internal and external communication, icons for relevant themes and activities were designed. These icons represent the diversity of the cultural center through their specific color scheme.

Anwendungsbeispiel: Kalender mit Veranstaltungen durch Icons gekennzeichnet

Anwendungsbeispiel: Kleine Flyer zu einzelnen Veranstaltungen, wie zum Beispiel dem wöchentlich stattfindenen poetry slam